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There are 27 played countries in First Contact: 2035. Most countries will have four team members and you can see more about what roles are available here. Some of the larger countries, including Russia, China and the USA have more team members to account for their significant capabilities.

Below are the full list of played countries, split out by region:
Europe: France, Germany, Poland, Russia and UK
Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, USA and Venezuela
Africa: Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Nigeria and South Africa
Middle East: India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey
Indo-Pacific: Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea.

The remaining non-played countries will be represented by facilitators to ensure players are interacting with a living, breathing world.

The United Nations

The UNSC meets every turn and is formed of the five Permanent Member States, plus the UN Secretary General who chairs the meeting. These Member States were granted permanent membership as the countries involved helped create the United Nations and continue to play important roles in maintaining international peace and security.

The five Permanent Member States are:

China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States

The USNC is chaired by the UN Secretary General and you can find more out about the structure of the UN here.


The Global News Network

As roving reporters and seekers after truth, it is your job to keep people informed about what’s going on in the world. This will involve roaming the room, observing the flashpoints, talking to the movers and shakers, sifting through the spin and the lies - and then presenting it to the world each turn during a live five-minute broadcast.

The effect of the media cannot be understated, and the team that delivers it is an absolutely vital part of the experience. Find out about the press roles here.


It is your job to run the megacorporations of the 2030s. They’re massive, self-contained financial entities, each making and selling everything from aerospace to arms to electronics to pharma. Each corporate team starts as a major multinational, but there is always room to grow even bigger (all hail capitalism!). 


Each team of three people includes a CEO, COO and CTO, all responsible for making sure they continue being massively successful and make as much money as possible. You can read more about these roles here

Scientific Institutes

Working for one of the world’s major research institutes, you are at the forefront of global scientific development. It’s your job to push the envelope and invent new paradigms and technologies while attracting prestige for your institute and yourself.

Will you decide to band together to save humanity from the multitudes of issues they face, or work to create ridiculous technologies no one would ever need, like an alien translator… You can read more about the science teams here.


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What little we know about the aliens can be found here.

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