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Upcoming Games


The year is 2035. Countries negotiate and clash for their place in the world as morally questionable corporations capitalise on conflict and institutions belay ethics for scientific endeavour. First Contact is a political sci-fi, moderate crunch, moderate roleplay, high-intensity game. It is heavily based on Watch The Skies, the prototypical megagame of Shut Up & Sit Down fame.

Our Games

These are games that have been designed in collaboration with and produced by Melbourne Megagames and are available to license through us. We are immensely proud of our designers and their games, and it may be possible for the game designer themselves to come and run the game for you. 

The Ark.png

The earth and everyone on it may be doomed, but YOU will be SAVED. In our hour of greatest need, a vessel of unknown origin came to our aid, broadcasting in all languages. Humanity’s best and brightest have set off into the vastness of space on a journey to an unknown destination - hopefully, a new home - aboard the Ark.

Past Games

These are games that have been run by Melbourne Megagames. If you’re interested in running any of these games, let us know and we can put you in contact with the designer. Alternatively, we may be able run them for you under our license. 

Watch the Skies.png

The year is 2025, and the existence of extra-terrestrials has been known about within intelligence circles for well over 50 years. Notwithstanding one or two minor incidents, relations with Earth's newest species of parasite have been tolerably mild... until now.

For the Crown.png

Queen Sovende, last of her bloodline and sovereign of Wruicia, is dead. No sooner than the end of her funereal procession and now the cogs of a once divided and diverse land are coming to life. The continental empire of Wruicia, consolidated over decades of both bloody and peaceful reign by the ruling dynasty, now sits on the brink of chaos and carnage.

It Belongs in a Museum.png

Grab your bullwhip and your trowel, for this is a quest like no other, and one that is sure to bring you fortune and glory. Explore ancient civilisations lost to the ages, collect artefacts more powerful than you could possibly imagine, break into Buckingham Palace… or just derail your competitors to become the most renowned archaeologist alive!

Eight Bells.png

The 18th Century begins with the outbreak of war. The King of Spain has died and, unwilling to fight on their own continent, the empires of Spain, France, England and the Netherlands are vying for dominance in the New World. To make matters more complicated, the Spanish Main is home to the world's most fearsome pirates, who reign supreme on the lawless high seas, pillaging and plundering merchants and colonies alike.

Crisis in Elysium.png

It is the early 22nd Century. Mars has been colonised for over fifty years and is now home to nearly two million people. The first attempts at terraforming the planet are underway, yet the world stands on the brink of civil war and all that has been achieved could soon be lost...

Fae's Anatomy.png

In the not too distant future, magic returns to the British Isles. Fæ emerge from under their hills and the world is forever changed. The demesne of Swanshire is a peaceful collection of communes on the coast. It has a thriving magically-active community and two world class hospitals. Hospital Researchers have recently been complaining of a strange dissonance flowing through the local ley lines... it’s probably nothing.


Ready your warp drives for a game of mistrust and deceit in So Say We All! Narrowly escaping a vicious attack against their planet by the mysterious Ashiva faction, one human fleet finds themselves adrift. Out here in the darkness, they begin to pick up the pieces. The Ashiva are still out there somewhere… and there are whisperings amongst the crew.

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