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Crisis in Elysium

It is the early 22nd Century. Mars has been colonised for over fifty years and is now home to nearly two million people. The first attempts at terraforming the planet are underway, yet the world stands on the brink of civil war and all that has been achieved could soon be lost...

Welcome to Crisis in Elysium - the megagame of political backstabbing, gun fights on city streets and Martian revolution. Some of you will be playing career soldiers and politicians sent from Earth to further your government’s agenda. Some will play radicals trying to forge Mars into your vision of paradise and others will be local government officials, corrupt cops, mercenaries and religious fanatics. If all goes well Mars may end up a new start for all, if not humanity might find its foothold off Earth becoming very precarious indeed.

Crisis in Elysium ran on the 12th November 2022 and 21st January 2023. 


Game Highlights

The best way to get a feel for the game is to check out some of the amazing snapshots taken across both games. Check out the gallery below!

The Designer

Crisis in Elysium was designed by Alex Beck.


Interested in running Crisis in Elysium? You can get in contact with Alex Beck below.

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