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For the Crown

Queen Sovende, last of her bloodline and sovereign of Wruicia, is dead. No sooner than the end of her funereal procession and now the cogs of a once divided and diverse land are coming to life. The continental empire of Wruicia, consolidated over decades of both bloody and peaceful reign by the ruling dynasty, now sits on the brink of chaos and carnage. Uncertainty lingers in the air for nobility and peasantry alike as the territorial walls that long ago towered high over the land begin to reappear, casting anew shadows that once divide these lands. All the while, unchecked by any united front, agents of opportunistic foreign nations are cautiously prodding at the falling empire’s borders. An era of change, perhaps one of turmoil and evolution, is dawning for the continent of Wruicia. Ultimately, its fate rests in your hands.


For the Crown is a Megagame about politics, intrigue and war. It's set in a fictional 18th century realm called Wruicia. Players take on the roles of political and military leaders within a number of key factions across this world, ultimately guiding their people to prosperity or doom!


For the Crown ran on the 30th of November 2019.


Game Highlights

The best way to get a feel for the game is to check out some of the amazing snapshots taken at the game. Check out the gallery below!

The Designer

For the Crown was designed by Patrick Doyle.


Interested in running For the Crown? You can get in contact with Patrick Doyle through the Sydney Megagamers below.

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