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Melbourne Megagames

Welcome to Melbourne Megagames! We design and run large scale, immersive social games, which combine aspects of negotiation, politics, strategy, and role-playing.

What's a megagame you ask? It's uh, just a really big game…

…that blends aspects of boardgames, LARPs, wargaming, & role-play. Think of megagames as interactive stories, where you can live out your dream of being a 17th century pirate… or nuke the moon to prevent an alien invasion… or accidentally kill Hitler with the holy grail! There are no limits to the chaos and joy that a megagame brings.

Founded in 2019, we aim to make gaming fun, accessible, educational and intellectually stimulating. Our goal is to deliver a diverse range of high-quality games. Our events usually run over the course of a single day, with up to 100 participants.

Our Team

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