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Megagaming Communities

Community is a huge part of what we do here, and we wouldn’t be were we are without the support and generosity shown to us by some of the people and groups on this page.

Australian Megagaming Groups

Sydney Megagamers

The Sydney Megagamers are a non-profit association passionate about designing and running large-scale social simulations that examine diplomacy, politics, strategic thinking, problem solving, roleplaying and board-gaming. They are based in Sydney with a community-base spread across Australia.


ACT Megagamers

The ACT Megagamers organise and run megagames in the ACT and Canberra area. Founded in 2023 their first game will debut over summer in 2024.

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Brisbane Megagames

Brisbane Megagames organise and run megagames in Brisbane. They have previously run the megagame featured on the hit podcast ‘Shut Up and Sit Down’ - Watch the Skies. They have also produced a range of original games including God Emperor and We Are Not Alone by designer Jack McNamee.


Adelaide Megagames

The Adelaide Megagames organise and run megagames in Adelaide. Founded in 2023, they debuted with God Emperor in July. 

Rest of the World and Online

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The Megagame Assembly

There are too many regional megagaming groups to list. Which is why we’re leaving that up to our friends at the Megagame Assembly. A hub for all things megagame related on an international scale, MA are your one-stop-shop for megagame content. They host a calendar of megagames happening worldwide.


The Megagame Coalition

The Megagame Coalition is a fully volunteer-based organisation consisting of multiple megagame groups across North America. They are a collaboration of enthusiastic players and game designers. Their goal is to sustainably grow megagaming in North America and increase accessibility for entry into megagames.



MegaCon run online events for the international megagaming community. They work with game designers to run megagames or playtests. They also welcome thought leaders and expert speakers to host seminars, panels and workshops. You can find all of their events on their youtube channel.

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International Women and Non-binary Megagame Network

This discord server was created following an open forum on gender equality and inclusion that was part of True North Megagames’ Design Symposium in 2019. The server is a global network for female and non-binary megagame organisers, game designers and players to connect and share resources, experiences and advice.

Blogs and Podcasts


BeckyBecky Blogs

Becky (she/her) is a megagame and escape room enthusiast based in the UK. Her blog is an essential database for megagamers, with information about different games, player experiences and a source for game designers. She has played in over 65 megagames and was one of the organisers of MegaCon – an online megagaming convention that took place for the first time in March 2021.

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The Megagame Assembly Podcast

Catch Harrison, Matt and Chris from the Megagame Assembly as they rattle on about megagames. They chat about their experiences with megagames, as well as interview game designers and other players for a perspective of Megagames around the world.


The Great Game

A podcast run by our friends Jack McNamee (Brisbane Megagames) and Patrick Doyle (Sydney Megagamers) about... you guessed it, Megagames. They chat all things megagames – how it started, how we do things and conduct interviews with players and designers within the Australian Megagame space. 


Last Turn Madness

The original megagame podcast! The LTM team talk to players and game designers to discuss all things Megagames!

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