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First Contact

Join us for a megagame of galactic proportions this August 31st as we celebrate 5 years of Melbourne Megagames! A truly mega 200 players come together in First Contact, a megagame of alien arrival and response on the world stage.


What did you do the day the aliens arrived?


Countries negotiate and clash for their place in the world as morally questionable corporations capitalise on conflict and institutions belay ethics for scientific endeavour.


First Contact is a political sci-fi, moderate crunch, moderate roleplay, high intensity game. It is heavily based on Watch The Skies, the prototypical megagame of Shut Up & Sit Down fame. 

Tickets are ON SALE NOW!

First Contact
First Contact
31 Aug 2024, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
St Kilda,
99A Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia

Teams and Roles

The year is 2035. Technology has improved, the problems the planet faces have changed, but the world runs as it has done for hundreds of years now, with recognisable governments leading their countries, mostly for the benefit of their citizens.


Into this world, aliens arrive. What do they want and how will the world’s governments respond? As with everything in the game, this is up to you: the players.


Across the game there are nearly 50 teams: countries, corporations, scientists, the press, the United Nations, and of course, the aliens themselves. Each team has its own set of roles, and you can learn more about them by clicking on the button below. 

The Designer

First Contact was designed by Matthew Bambridge, Chris Brown, Zane Gunton, and Tom Mendelsohn. A full list of credits can be read here.


Interested in running First Contact? Get in touch with the designers at Very Large Huge Games below.

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