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Eight Bells

The 18th Century begins with the outbreak of war in the Spanish Main. The King of Spain has died and, unwilling to fight on their own continent, the empires of Spain, France, England and the Netherlands are vying for dominance in the New World. To make matters even more complicated, the Spanish Main has long been home to the world's most fearsome pirates, who reign supreme on the lawless high seas, pillaging and plundering merchants and colonies alike. The sea is a fickle mistress. Colonies ruled by nations can easily become Pirate Havens. Blackbeard can become a law-abiding British privateer under an Act of Grace. Piracy in the Spanish Main could be eradicated by the fervent Woodes Rogers. As quickly as the seasons change, so too do the fortunes of the many different players in the Spanish Main.


Eight Bells: A Pirate Republic is heavily inspired by classics in the adventure genre with nods to historical figures and events. Eight Bells is a very make-your-own-luck game, in which players are encouraged to strike out on their own or in small groups and make their own fortunes.


Eight Bells ran on the 25th of June 2022.


Game Highlights

The best way to get a feel for the game is to check out some of the amazing snapshots at the game. Check out the gallery below!

The Designer

The Pirate Republic was designed by John Sharp. The Eight Bells edition of The Pirate Republic was modified by Melbourne Megagames.


Interested in running The Pirate Republic? Get in touch with designer John Sharp through Pennine Megagames below.

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