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The Ark

Earth is no longer a liveable planet. In our hour of greatest need, a vessel of unknown origin came to our aid, broadcasting in all languages. Humanity’s best and brightest have set off into the vastness of space on a journey to an unknown destination - hopefully, a new home - aboard the Ark. That was five years ago. The Ark is our home and our responsibility, even if we barely know how it works. If we break it, we die. If it doesn’t produce enough food to feed the people on it, we starve. If we go offship and the Ark leaves, we’re stranded.


This is a complex game of resource management, intrigue, mystery, factional politics, changing loyalties, and constant crises. Plans are important, but remember, we’re all at the whim of interstellar space. Good luck!


The Ark ran on the 4th and 18th of December 2021 in Melbourne, and on the 30th of September 2023 in Sydney. An educational edition of the Ark ran in collaboration with the Powerhouse museum for highschool science students in April 2024. 



There are 16 teams of 4 in the Ark. Unlike other megagames, not all of them need to be present in the game for it to run.

Game Highlights

The best way to get a feel for the game is to check out some of the amazing snapshots taken across both games. Check out the gallery below!

The Designer

The Ark was designed by Leon Obrenov.


Interested in running The Ark? You can get in contact with us below.

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