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All the roles at First Contact: 2035 are designed to ensure every player will have an awesome day. Regardless of what role you play, whether it’s the leader of a country, a scientist attempting to understand the alien’s biology or a member of the press reporting on the day’s chaos, we expect you’ll have a fantastic time.

You can find an outline of the roles in most country teams below, and a full list of countries and their team sizes at the bottom of the page.


A note about Israel and Russia: 
We condemn the actions of Russia and Israel in the invasions of Ukraine and Palestine. We recognise the complexities and deep historical roots of these conflicts, and we stand in solidarity with all those who seek peace and justice. In First Contact: 2035, Very Large Huge Games have made the decision to include both Russia and Israel as teams for a variety of reasons related to gameplay dynamics. We at Melbourne Megagames have chosen to uphold this decision.

Including both entities is not an endorsement of any political actions or statuses but a recognition of their importance in global geopolitics and their impact on regional relations. Our aim is to foster a game environment that encourages strategic thinking and diplomacy and reflects the complexities of international relations.

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