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2023 Recap & 2024 Teaser

We've had an awesome 2023 here at Melbourne Megagames. Quickly, by the numbers:

150+ unique megagamers at our events

5 Game Days

4 Non-Game Events

3 Unique Games

2 States we've supported running games in

1 PAX Panel

Our year begun newly incorporated and polishing off Crisis in Elysium's second run. We'd kicked into gear through 2022 and finally got ourselves legally recognised, so for 2023 we planned a kickass year of new games and expanded our non-game events. We rapidly locked in Fae's Anatomy and So Say We All as our games for the year, ensuring that we ran both mechanically and thematically distinct games to nurture our community's breadth of megagaming experience. Planning for 2024 and beyond also led us naturally to our non-game events: a pair of community mixers (where we could do the post-game-pub without the game), a first playtest of a new design- (This City Sucks, by Chris Melenhorst), and another outstanding PAX panel.

We want to give a massive shoutout to everyone who was made our year the success it was. Our incredible logistics teams who make it possible for us to run the high quality games we can: Beth, Chrissy, Sarah, Caity, Hugo, and Jess. All the fantastic controllers we've had all year across 5 distinct games. And, of course, the other awesome Melbourne Megagames team - Nellie, our intrepid President. Iolande, our voice of reason. Leon, our eternal chaos elf/professional pragmatist. Their awesome work is a solid half of what makes this community what it is.

Editor's Note: And also of course, Tristan, enabler of player shenanigans and diligent secretary.

The other half is all of you - our players! Thank you for being so delightful in all the ways you engage in our community. Not only do you play games so, so well - crafting the most interesting stories - but you make the experience around games simply outstanding; from in-depth design discussions, logistical dilemmas, and just a simple conversation at the pub; to fostering an environment where we see so many new megagamers welcomed to the fold. Not to mention our budding designers who keep the debate firey in our #game_design channel in Discord and let us run active playtests for their boundary-pushing game concepts.

Thank you.

So, what's next? Here's our speedy 2024 plans in bullet point form:

  • More games, including First Contact!

  • More design support - We've just completed the first playtest of [Redacted], and we have a second playtest of This City Sucks scheduled (Applications open here).

  • More mixers - We did our first in January and have more planned so keep an eye out on our socials

  • We'll be back at PAX in some form...

  • Cross-country collaboration; Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne... keep an eye on The Great Game Podcast for some great discussions we're in.

Look out for a more detailed run-down of 2024 plans coming to your email inbox.

Happy gaming, may 2024 be absolutely mega.


Secretary of Melbourne Megagames

24 January 2024


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