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Over the weekend of June 1st and 2nd, the Freeplay Independent games festival is running their festival Angles where we'll be running The Ark on June 1st. On the 2nd there will be Board Games and TTRPGs. You can come to one or both days!


Earth is no longer a liveable planet. In our hour of greatest need, a vessel of unknown origin came to our aid, broadcasting in all languages. Humanity’s best and brightest have set off into the vastness of space on a journey to an unknown destination - hopefully, a new home - aboard the Ark. That was five years ago. The Ark is our home and our responsibility, even if we barely know how it works. If we break it, we die. If it doesn’t produce enough food to feed the people on it, we starve. If we go offship and the Ark leaves, we’re stranded.


Tickets on sale now!


Join us for a megagame of galactic proportions this August 31st as we celebrate 5 years of Melbourne Megagames! Our largest game yet, 200 players come together in First Contact, a megagame of alien arrival and global response.


Countries negotiate and clash for their place in the world as morally questionable corporations capitalise on conflict and institutions belay ethics for scientific endeavour. 


Tickets on sale now!

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